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A day trip to Ojén from the Costa del Sol in Spain - Spain Travel Guide

Travel Guide / Andalucía accommodation

The tiny traditional pueblo blanco or white village of Ojén is tucked away on a hillside within an easy drive from Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol.  A place of white-washed and beautiful houses, flowers and birdsong, this quaint village is worth a visit. 


Houses in Ojen, SpainThe village is a short drive up into the mountains behind Marbella and is situated with Mijas to the east, Istán to the west, and Coín and Monda to the north. Placed above the Real River valley at an altitude of about 200 metres, the area is framed by the Sierra Blanca and the Sierra Alpujata.

One of many white villages in Andalusia, dating back to the time of the Moors, the town has narrow and winding streets, sometimes with fairly steep climbs up the hillsides. When staying in Panoramic Villas anywhere along the Costa del Sol, Ojén is within relatively easy reach from the coastal highway.

Wine museum OjenOne thing to bear in mind, there is no parking available for visitors within the village itself.  However, there is fairly limited parking on the main road into the village.  Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes on, and you will need them!  

The photo included at the top of this article is taken from a viewpoint above Ojén.  Not only can you view the village, nestling on the slopes of the mountain, but also right across the mountains and to Marbella and the sea beyond.

There are several interesting and attractive sights to see in the town.  One of these is the old distillery in the town, which is now the Museo del Vino, or wine museum. In the past, Ojén was famous for the production of an anise liqueur, known as Aguardiente de Ojén.  The production of this liqueur used to play an important part in the town’s economy.

While now the liqueur is now locally produced by the distillery company Dominique Mertens Impex. S.L., the building is now used as a wine museum (pictured above left), selling not only excellent wines of the region but also various handicrafts, including beautiful glasswork.  Visitors can enjoy a guided tour complete with wine tasting, so this attraction should probably be kept for later in the day!

CaveDuring a stroll around town, visit the Fuente de los Chorros, a local water fountain.  The fountain is fed by a serious of channels on the hillside, and while construction dates back to Moorish times, it is still used today by local residents for both drinking water and watering the local vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.

Another spot of interest is the Cueva de las Campanas.  The cave is a small space, perfect for a rest after exploring the village, with lights and a bench inside to rest.  Just outside the cave are several pomegranate trees.

Once explorations are complete, there is a small selection of cafes and restaurants in the heart of town where a tasty meal or refreshing drink can be enjoyed before heading back to your home-from-home.  Enjoy the charm and stunning views from this lovely location.


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