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Albarracín, historic and beautiful city in Teruel province, Aragón, Spain

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  Albarracín - photo CC-by-SA Xabier Armendaritz
When holidaying in the city of Teruel, just 29 kms away is Albarracín, a picturesque and historic town located in the province of Teruel, in the Aragón region of Spain.  The capital of the mountainous Sierra de Albarracín Comarca, Albarracín is located in a meander of the Guadalaviar River. 

The Sierra de Albarracín mountain range rises to the South and West of the town.  The town was declared a National Monument back in 1961 for its well-preserved and historic buildings including a spectacular cathedral.

The town got its name Moorish Al Banu Razín family, who were once dominant in the area during the period of Muslim domination in the Iberian Peninsula.  The town was eventually conquered by Peter III of Aragón in 1284 and in 1300 the city and its lands were officially incorporated into the Kingdom of Aragón.

The town is in a beautifully scenic area, surrounded by the Serrania de Albarracín and forested with pines, junipers, maples and oaks, interspersed by green meadows and rivers. The scenery is cut by deep gorges and dense pine forests.  There are many excellent hiking and 4x4 routes to be found in the area.

El Mundo de los CaballosOf interest in the area is "El Mundo de los Caballos" or the world of the horses, where visitors can learn about a herd of wild horses in the area, and how to communicate with these wonderful animals.

Activities begin early in the morning when visitors are taken into the forests to look for the horses and then taught the basics of horse behavior, how to ride on the slopes and in the meadows and finally to exercise the horses.  This activity is ideal for families, children, friends or groups wishing to visit and enjoy the unhurried world of horses.

The rock paintings in the cliff-foot caves of the Albarracín Cultural Park are worth a visit as they are some of the most important evidence of the Levantine prehistoric art of Spain.

Parador de AlcanizFor some historic and truly beautiful accommodation, not too far away can be found the Parador de Alcañiz, which is a renovated 12th-13th century castle.  

The parador dominates the landscape with a preserved Tower of Homage, the belfry-sacristy, and a section of the building was converted into an Aragonese Palace in the 18th Century - a real mix of history.  Inside the hotel you can view gothic murals, a Plateresque sepulchre and baroque façade decorated with red, ochre and green shades as well as oak beams.  Sleeping with history is a real possibility here.

Alternatively, only 29 kms away on the outskirts of the historic city of Teruel is a Mudejar-inspired palace, the Parador de Teruel.  The hotel is a mixture of the cultures and styles of this interesting and monumental city, home to some of the most representative buildings of the Mudejar style.

A worthwhile region of Spain to visit, the scenery, history and attractions on offer never fail to delight and fascinate.


Albarracín, the tower of the Alabarracín Cathedral and Northern walls (with Torre del Andador on the top) - photo CC-by-SA Diego Delso

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