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Visit a Roman iron mine in Cueva del Hierro, Cuenca Province in Spain

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Located in the upper Serranía de Cuenca, approximately 80 kilometers from the city of Cuenca in Castilla-la Mancha, can be found Cueva del Hierro, a small town with many antiquities from the Celtiberian and Roman ages.

The town is a quaint and friendly place to visit, but its principal attraction is the Roman Mine, where small guided groups can tour and learn much about the strip mining of iron back in those days.

Along with the mine itself, visitors will tour the Mining Interpretation Centre to learn more about the evolution of strip mining right through from the Celtiberian age until today, together with an interesting audiovisual presentation.

There is also a beautiful botanical walk available in the area where nature can be enjoyed while learning the different and most characteristic vegetal species of the Sierra de Cuenca, all the while surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The video below gives a tour of the mine with a little of the surrounding area and you can read more about the mine on the official website here.

Cueva del Hierro
Entrance to the Roman Mine by Feliuvilassar CC BY-SA 3.0 

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