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Spain shares the Iberian peninsula with Portugal. It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and is considered to be the mother country for all the Spanish speaking world. Many go to visit the family roots of their ancestors and many develop roots there after visiting. If it's your first time visiting the country, it is recommended to start with a travel package or an all inclusive package - This will give you an introduction to the Spanish life style. 

As you become more adventurous, you can pick regions that you think you would enjoy discovering, but as always, it is recommended that you find previous reviews of the place first. You will be able to read about many of your options online as many of the Spanish properties now have video tours or at least a large amount of pictures. Next, make a list of the amenities you will require and the type of vacation you are looking forward to. You can narrow the options down as you refer to your list. Spring and summer are the busiest times, so be sure to begin the planning early enough. 

Accommodation is widely available and one can choose from hotels or gorgeous villas right next to one of Spain's beautiful beaches. You can find one for almost any budget and interest. If you are traveling with your family, look for kiddie pools and local child friendly activities. If you are planning a more extended stay, an apartment or a vacation home can be especially comfortable, allowing you to cook some of the meals yourself, and stretch out with all of the perks of a home way from home. 

In the larger cities, you will most likely have to settle for a hotel or apartment. In this case, the most important consideration is the proximity to the attractions that will be of interest. Getting the location right can save you time and lots of wear and tear from all the walking - giving you time to actually enjoy your vacation. If you are looking for a more secluded or romantic lodging, a historic home or vintage cottage with loads of personality will hit the spot. Thanks to the internet you'll be able to scope out your Spain holidays well before arriving. 

It is very difficult to pick the first city to visit. If you want a restful, sandy beach vacation, many Spanish cities can accommodate. If you like site seeing, you can start with Madrid, the capital or Seville, centrally located in southern Andalucia. You will be able to enjoy many day excursions with these two cities as your home base. And remember if you are a US citizen planning on staying longer than ninety days, you will need to get a visa. 

If choosing hotels, flights and everything else needed for an unforgettable time, there are also many all inclusive Spain holidays available from a number of travel agents.

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