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Majorca - sunny, rural destination in the Balearic Islands
Majorca, destination of choice, is one of the romantic and popular Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  Natively named "Mallorca", the island is famous for wonderful scenic views and lovely beaches....
A day trip to Ojén from the Costa del Sol in Spain
The tiny traditional pueblo blanco or white village of Ojén is tucked away on a hillside within an easy drive from Marbella on Spainís Costa del Sol.  A place of white-washed and beautiful houses, flowers and birdsong, this quaint village is worth a visit....
Visit the Magical Painted Forest of Oma in Basque Country, Spain
Oma painted forest
Hidden away among the Basonda and Oma Valleys close to the mouth of the River Oka in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, is the perfect and magical place for a gentle stroll.  In this UNESCO listed area, a Basque artist has created a colourful landscape, quite unlike any other....
Mijas, a great combination for your Costa del Sol holiday in southern Spain
Mijas Donkey Taxi
Whether you are seeking sun and sand, golfing, or quaint villages, you can get it all in the Mijas area on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain,,,
Golf Holidays in Spain
Golf holidays in Spain
As many experts know, Spain is one of the world's most highly ranked destinations for golfers, with hundreds of excellent, top-class golf courses countrywide, including the top ten golf courses in Europe as a whole....
Family-friendly holidays on the Costa del Sol in Spain
family holidays in Spain
The family needs a break from everyday life and itís time to take the children away on holiday.  Now to find the ideal location that is both family-friendly, but also great for mum and dad ....
Meet charm and tradition in the heart of rural Mallorca in Fornalutx
Majorca, Fornalutx
When visiting the charming island of Mallorca (or Majorca) in the Balearic Islands of Spain, it would be worth visiting this delightful town in the heart of the rural area of the island....
Activity holidays in Spain
activity holidays in Spain
Spain is a really versatile country, offering quite literally something for everyone - no cliche intended!  Whether your interests lie in beach holidays, skiing, mountain climbing or exploring historic cities, you are totally spoiled for choice...
Find Your Ideal Rural Retreat On Lanzarote
Lanzarote, the popular holiday island located in the Canaries, is home to three main tourist resorts and this is where the majority of visitors book their breaks.  But away from these destinations lies an island that is almost totally unspoiled, offering lots of options for those in search of a more peaceful rural retreat...
Specialist Vacations - Horse Riding in Spain
Horseriding holidays in Spain
Pony riding on holiday has gained immense popularity in Spain in recent years. Few better ways exist to combine balmy weather, gorgeous scenery and horseback riding into one vacation. Pony trekking holidays draw equine fans from all over the world to sunny Spain...
Spanish Cycling Holidays
For many tourists in the past a week or two in Spain or her islands has meant beaches, clubs and bars, but as holidaymakers become more environmentally aware and wanting more from their holidays, cycling is becoming more popular as a way to see a different part of the country....
Experience A Spanish Holiday Your Way
Spain shares the Iberian peninsula with Portugal. It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and is considered to be the mother country for all the Spanish speaking world. Many go to visit the family roots of their ancestors and many develop roots there after visiting....
Spanish holidays
Golfing in Spain
Golf in Spain
Spain is considered as world's top ranked golf destination. Literally, there are many high class golf courses in the country and some of them have been also enlisted in Europes first ten quality golf courses...
Holidays in Gran Canaria - a must visit for a complete Canary holiday
Situated in Atlantic Ocean, Gran Canaria is one of those 7 islands that complete Canary Islands. With lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, superb coastline activities and great family attractions to enjoy...
Gran Canaria holidays
Spain - Tips For A Yacht Charter
Yacht charter in Spain
The primary sailing areas in Spain are the Balearic Islands in the east, Costa del Sol in the south and La Coruna in the northwest. The Canary Islands is also a renowned sailing destination.  The islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza are called the Balearics. This is a great sailing area with Mallorca as the focal point...
Red Wines vs White Wines
Red and white wines
Most of us know that wine comes from grapes that are aged. But have you ever wondered what helps the grape age properly and why red wines need more time to age than white wines? ...
Spain - El Camino de Santiago
Camino de Santiago
If the idea of exploring Europe is met by a "been there, done that" response, think again. There's a unique option whose concept started long before the advent of those whirlwind package tours. You can walk all or part of the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain for an intimate, at-your-own-pace exploration ...
Spain - UNESCO World Heritage Cities
UNESCO world heritage cities in Spain
Magnificent, unique monuments. Streets that carry you back in time. In Spain you will find unique places where you will live art and history at each step. These are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Exploring them you will enjoy a privileged journey back in time, where you can discover Spain's important cultural heritage....
The Best Beaches in Spain
Best Spanish beaches
We all want something different from a beach. Whether you prefer facilities, peace, privacy or entertainment here are a few Spanish beaches which come highly recommended.
Unusual destinations in Spain: The Route of the Faces
Ruta de las Caras
Close to the dam at Buendía in the Cuenca province of Castilla la Mancha lies a fascinating hiking route, unlike any other in Spain. Sculpted into the natural façade of the rocks and dotted among the beautiful landscape in the area are 18 carved faces and bas-reliefs. This is the Ruta de las Caras, or in English, the Route of the Faces..
Visit a Roman iron mine in Cueva del Hierro, Cuenca Province in Spain
Cueva del Hierro
Located in the upper Serranía de Cuenca, approximately 80 kilometers from Cuenca in Castilla-la Mancha can be found Cueva del Hierro, a small town with many antiquities from the Celtiberian and Roman ages. The town is a quaint and friendly place to visit, but its principal attraction is the Roman Mine, where small guided groups can tour and learn much about the strip mining of iron back in those days..
City Travel Guides:
A Whistlestop Tour of Madrid, Spain
Madrid is a modern, world-class, but also historic city - the capital of Spain - located almost centrally in the heart of the country.  A contrast of old and new, Madrid is a beautiful and vibrant city with great architectural interest....
A Whistlestop Tour of Barcelona, Spain
Visiting Barcelona, with limited time? There is so much to see in this fascinating city, which would normally take at least a week, but it is possible to see the major highlights in a couple of days too...
Granada's Alhambra Palace
If the magnificent and mighty walls of the Alhambra Palace in Granada could speak, what a tale they would tell! For historians and scholars, Christians and Muslims, not to mention millions of sightseers, touring this vast and complex edifice is a breathtaking and enlightening experience...
Malaga - Historic and Beautiful City on the Costa del Sol, Spain
Malaga city - capital of Andalucia and a city of great history.  Most tourists think of Malaga as a place to fly into to start their holidays on the Costa del Sol, but few actually take the time to explore this fascinating city ...
The Background to Santiago de Compostela, a World Heritage Site
Santiago de Compostela
Spain has a wealthy and varied legacy that is very much a product of the long and quite convoluted history that as a country it has had to undergo.  As you travel around the country you can see glimpses of a past wealthy in the legacy of former conquerors be they the Moors, medieval Spaniards themselves ...
Albarracín, historic and beautiful city in Teruel province, Aragón
Albarracín is a picturesque and historic town located in the province of Teruel, in the Aragón region of Spain.  The capital of the mountainous Sierra de Albarracín Comarca, Albarracín is located in a meander of the Guadalaviar River....
The city of Cuenca and the Hanging Houses - Spain
Casas Colgadas Cuenca
Located in the autonomous community of Castilla-la Mancha in Central Spain, this historic city sprawls across a steep spur, the slopes of which go down into the deep rocky gorges of the Huécar and Júcar rivers.  If you can even imagine living in a house that quite literally hangs over the edge of a very steep cliff, then you should visit Cuenca and its fascinating "Casas Colgadas" or Hanging Houses..

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