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The Paradores of Extremadura, Spain

Parador de Caceres
Badajoz Province, Mérida Badajoz Province, Zafra
Cáceres Province, Cáceres Cáceres Province, Guadalupe
Cáceres Province, Jarandilla de la Vera Cáceres Province, Plasencia
Cáceres Province, Trujillo Paradores of Spain
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A range of luxurious hotels in the Extremadura region of Spain, set in traditional, historic and modern buildings and all offering the same luxurious comfort, astounding views and quality and tasty regional cuisine!

Rural & Charming Hotels in Extremadura
Parador de Mérida, Badajoz Province
The Parador retains the structure of the former 18th Century convent, which was built over the remains of a temple to the Concord of Augustus.  The hotel offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the rich heritage of the monumental city of Mérida and its surrounding landscape.   Some of the most outstanding spaces are the hotel lounge in the former convent refectory, the interior courtyard and the beautiful gardens, including the “Garden of Antiquities”, an archaeological collection consisting of Mudejar, Roman and Visigoth elements. In the restaurant, taste the exquisite local dishes, including caldereta (lamb stew), assorted gazpachos, figs from Almoharín and naturally, truffles.....
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GPS: X: 38.918234 I Y: -6.345758

Parador de Zafra, Badajoz Province
The Hotel "Duque de Feria" in Zafra occupies a majestic 15th Centry castle, which began in 1437 as the residence of the Dukes of Feria, one of Spain's great families.  This beautiful castle-palace has a spectacular façade and is the ideal base for exploring the architectural heritage and the natural beauties of the area.  With nine towers with battlements standing guard over a regal, grandiose interior which conserves beautiful coffered ceilings, trunks, ironwork, balustrades and other decorative details from the former palace. The hotel has a swimming pool and well-tended garden.  The best local dishes are offered in the dining room of the Parador de Zafra, such as caldereta de cordero (lamb stew), migas extremeñas (breadcrumbs), bacalao monacal (cod), zorongollo (tomato salad), cheesecake from La Serena, Iberian pork loin with Ibores cheese, and, of course, ham ...
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GPS: X: 38.424430 I Y: -6.417050

Parador de Cáceres, Cáceres Province
This 14th Century Palace Parador is the ancient Torreorgaz Palace, built on Arabic foundations with a linteled door and a baroque coast of arms.  Located in the heart of Cáceres's old town and artistic centre (which has been declared a World Heritage site), the parador was founded by Diego García de Ulloa, knight of the Order of Santiago.  A mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles are to be found in the hotel building and its surroundings.  The restaurant offers Iberian pork loin with Casar cheese and rosemary roast goat, which are typical dishes of the varied Extremaduran cuisine ...
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GPS: X: 39.472138 I Y: -6.372306

Parador de Guadalupe, Cáceres Province
Situated on top of what was the 15th century San Juan Bautista Hospital, and also a former 16th Century Infantes or grammer school (important learning centres for medical surgery and grammer respectively), this Parador is located in the old town of Guadalupe and has been declared a heritate site.  The beautiful garden, the Gothic and Mudéjar cloisters, secluded swimming pool and the spacious indoor public rooms are welcoming and beautiful.  In the restaurant, enjoy monastic cod, almond and garlic gazpacho, Extremadura migas (fried breadcrumbs with meat and spices) and La Serena cheesecake ...
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GPS: X: 39.452780 I Y: -5.326540

Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera, Cáceres Province
Sheltered in the heart of the Vera and Tiétar valley, this 15th century Palace-Castle hotel is surrounded by gorges filled with water, chestnut trees and oak groves and very beautiful natural landscapes.  From the towers, the views of the courtyard, the patio de armas courtyard and its excellent swimming pool contrast with the olive and orange trees. Inside you will find a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. And in the restaurant, the Extremaduran breadcrumbs, mashed paprika potatoes with pork, deep fried suckling pork, goat stew, and as a traditional dessert our repápalos (breadcrumb biscuits) with milk and cinnamon, among others, are dishes worth highlighting among the varied selection of Extremaduran cuisine ...
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GPS: X: 40.129250 I Y: -5.660540

Parador de Plasencia - Cáceres Province 
This Parador was once the former convent of Santo Domingo, and was founded by the Zúñiga family in the mid 15th century, in the Gothic style.  Ideally located in the historic centre of Plasencia, it is the ideal place to explore the archectural wonders of the surrounding city, and also the beautiful natural landscapes around it.  In the restaurant, try the exquisite cooking of Extremadura: Potato soup, partridge stew, lamb with local honey, compote of figs from La Vera, and, of course, the famous migas ...
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GPS: X: 40.029140 I Y: -6.094020

Parador de Trujillo - Cáceres Province
In the heart of the historic city of Trujillo is the 16th Century convent of Santa Clara, now a lovely hotel with an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.  The city is the birthplace of explorers and the hotel is perfectly located to explore.  The hotel has two beautiful cloisters, one with Renaissance arches and columns, and the other letting light into the building.  The hotel has monastic style guest rooms and details, spacious and quiet lounges to relax in, and a bar-café next to the light-filled cloister.  The Parador's restaurant offers tomato soup with cumin, truffles in scrambled eggs, grilled beef loin with Torta del Casar, and above all the Iberian hams and sausages, and you must try the homemade cream cheese ice cream ...
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GPS: X: 39.461455 I Y: -5.878172

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