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The Paradores of Asturias, Spain:

Parador de Cangas de Onis
Asturias - Cangas de Onís Asturias - Gijón Paradores of Spain
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A range of luxurious hotels in Asturias, some in historic buildings, such as castles, palaces, monasteries or convents, some in more modern buildings ... but all offering the same luxurious comfort and quality and outstanding local cuisine!
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Asturias - Parador de Cangas de Onís 
This parador is situated in the site of the Monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva (12th to 18th centuries).  Two rooms in the hotel display archaeological remains found during refurbishment work, especially ceramics, which bear witness to its distant past.  The Monastery was declared a National Monument in 1907 with a new wing added using building materials to match the original. Set on the green banks of the River Sella, this jewel is reflected in the waters below.  The magnificent Picos de Europa setting is the backdrop for this wonderful location. The modern and comfortable facilities at the Hotel make it the ideal spot to discover the wondrous Asturian landscape, enjoy local colour at celebrations and the ancestral folklore, as well as savour the best of the rich local cuisine ...
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GPS: X: 43.366823 I Y: -5.151177

Asturias - Parador de Gijón
This hotel is situated in a former century-old mill, located in Isabel la Católica Park, one of the city of Gijón’s most beautiful areas.   There is also a lovely lake, and spacious garden giving a sense of harmony and tranquility.  Close to San Lorenzo Beach and Cimadevilla's sailors quarter, it is the ideal spot to enjoy restful days.  The bright, welcoming interior offers a sense of the nearby ocean.  In the restaurant, Fabada stew is the top fare, although beans come in other dishes too. The seafood stew, black sea bream in cider, Asturian stew and hake are also a highlight. Rice pudding, frixuelos (cream-filled crepes) and casadielles (pastries with walnut paste) are part of the Hotel’s delicious dessert selection ...
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GPS: X: 43.535540 I Y: -5.640230

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