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The Paradores of Spanish North Africa:

Parador de Melilla
Ceuta, Spanish North Africa Melilla, Spanish North Africa
Paradores of Spain
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A range of luxurious hotels in the Spanish North African region of Spain, offering luxurious comfort and quality, sea views and delicious regional cuisine!

Ceuta is located on the North African side of the Strait of Gibraltar, on the Mediterranean, which separates it from the Spanish mainland. Ceuta is dominated by a hill called Monte Hacho, on which there is a fort used by the Spanish Army. Monte Hacho is one of the possible locations for the southern of the Pillars of Hercules of Greek legend, the other possibility being Jebel Musa.

Melilla is an autonomous Spanish city located on the Mediterranean, on the north coast of North Africa.

Parador de Ceuta, Spanish North Africa
Next to the sea with an Andalusí air ... The Hotel is housed in a modern building attached to the old Royal Walls, in the Plaza de Nuestra Señora de África - the nerve centre of Ceuta. The location offers magnificent panoramic views out over the sea, the old town and even the coast of the peninsula.  An impregnable fort for years, the vaults of the old Artillery were built on the Royal Walls, presently used as suites.  The hotel bedrooms look out onto a palm-filled garden with an impeccable pool and exceptional sea views. To the inside, the complex preserves elements from several civilisations with an emphasis on Arabic influence. The furnishings are modern with a traditional touch and the plant-filed dining room has Moorish and Andalusian features with fish and meat dishes in sauces and spices ...
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GPS: X: 35.888120 I Y: -5.317000

Parador de Melilla, Spanish North Africa
The Hotel is on high ground affording a view of the walled city and the extensive beaches that surround it. In an elevated position above a small valley in the higher part of the Lobera park, this building, bathed in the north African sun, enjoys a tranquil setting thanks to its private garden and its refreshing pool.  The comfortable and convenient facilities combine elegance and simplicity in the decoration of the rooms with attractive views from their terraces. The culinary offering, clearly of Andalusian inspiration, is rich in shellfish and fish. Of note are the Estopiñán monkfish and the roast vegetable salad with salted fish from Melilla ...
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GPS: X: 35.296390 I Y: -2.937570

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